Grants - 2017

Economic Justice

International Labor Rights Forum $30,000
Washington, DC
Renewed support of SweatFree Communities' campaign to end public purchasing from sweatshops

Warehouse Workers for Justice - $30,000
Chicago, IL
Renewed support of efforts to improve working conditions for low-wage warehouse workers in Chicago

Workers Center for Racial Justice - $25,000
Chicago, IL
Renewed support of efforts to promote sustainable and living wage employment for Black workers in Chicago

Environmental Justice

East Michigan Environmental Action Council - $25,000
Detroit, MI
Renewed support of community organizing on environmental justice issues in Detroit

Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment - $25,000
Albuquerque, NM
Renewed support for efforts to address the impacts of uranium mining on public health, water resources and sacred places

Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition - $30,000
Huntington, WV
Renewed support of regional organizing to stop mountaintop removal mining and protect drinking water from toxic coal sludge

Owe Aku - $25,000
Manderson, SD
Renewed support of grassroots campaigns and cultural revitalization to protect Lakota sacred water and land

Movement Building

Center for Third World Organizing - $25,000
Oakland, CA
Support for training programs to expand and strengthen organizing in communities of color