2020 Grants

Civic Engagement

Arizona Center for Empowerment - $30,000

Phoenix, AZ

Support to engage Latino youth and working families in grassroots organizing and voter mobilization in Arizona

Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote - Michigan - $10,000

Hamtramck, MI

Support to build civic engagement infrastructure in Asian and Pacific Islander communities in Michigan 

Comunidades Organizado El Poder y La Acción Latina - $20,000

Minneapolis, MN

Support to unite Minnesota's Latino communities and allies in active grassroots organizing and civic engagement 

Faith in Florida - $30,000

Orlando, FL

Support for interfaith coalition-building that promotes civic participation and advances a moral agenda

Leaders Igniting Transformation - $30,000

Milwaukee, WI

Support of youth-led efforts to build political power for social, racial, and economic justice

Michigan Coalition on Black Civic Participation - $10,000

Lansing, MI

Support to help efforts that mobilize Black residents to participate in a fair, just, and barrier-free democracy

One Love Global - $10,000

Lansing, MI

Support to build political power and collective agency among high school and college students across Michigan

One Pennsylvania - $30,000

Pittsburg, PA

Support the alignment of social justice movement organizations to advance progressive values in Pennsylvania

Siembra NC - $25,000

Graham, NC

Support efforts to expand civic participation opportunities for Latinos across North Carolina